Commercial Vehicles PTOs

A.E.C. Ltd. is an Italian company specialized in designing, engineering and manufacturing commercial vehicles PTOs. Since the ’90 A.E.C. Ltd. has become a leading company in Italy and Europe, and thanks to the experience achieved in the industry, they opened different manufacturing facilities located in Israel, Jordan and South America.

A power Take Offs is a device usually installed on commercial, agricultural and industrial vehicles that can be used to provide power to an attachment or separate system. Is usually designed in order to be easily and rapidly connected or disconnected. There are different types of PTOs, usually related to where the installation is identified on the vehicle. A.E.C. Ltd.  produces not only series products but also personalized products, created following the directives of our clients.

PTOs can be assembled on commercial vehicles at any time (parts can also be purchased separately) and have one or more installation location. Thanks to this, A.E.C. Ltd. can build custom Power Take Offs that fit with different types of commercial vehicles. In the majority of cases, the PTO will be connected directly to a hydraulic pump, in order to allow the transmission of mechanical force through the hydraulic fluid system to any location around the vehicle where a cylinder or a hydraulic motor will convert it back into linear or rotary mechanical force. But it is also possible to connect something else to the PTO rather than an hydraulic pump.

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