Electromagnetic PTO Clutch

A.E.C. Ltd. is an Italian company leader in the electromagnetic PTO clutch design and manufacture. The company, founded in 1961, was specialized in designing, producing and installing air conditioners for cars, trucks and tractors. By the beginning of the ’90 they started developing an interest in Power Take Offs and began an expansion that made them one of the largest companies in Europe specialized in producing and distributing PTOs. Today we also have different manufacturing facilities located in Israel, Jordan and South America.

PTOs (Power Take Off) are mostly used on commercial, industrial and agricultural vehicles to transmit power to auxiliary units in dump trucks, compactors, road sweeper, snowplaughs, recovery vehicles hooklifts, truck mounted cranes, fuel tankers, asphalt spreader etc. This device is installed to the output which is located on the main transmission.

A.E.C. Ltd. manufactures a wide range of PTOs and also develops custom products. The reason why PTO has many different models is because it can be varied according to the type of main transmission and there are many other extra features which are different from one another. This means that the vehicle does not have one specific PTO, which can vary depending on the model and the specifications of the transmission where the PTO will be installed. That is why A.E.C. Ltd. works closely with commercial vehicle transmission producers to ensure that our range of Power Take Off gears matches perfectly with the transmission gears.

Our technical team offers advice on condition as well, maintenance and performance of any electromagnetic PTO clutch.

For further information on our range of electromagnetic PTO clutch please contact us. Tel. (+39) 0543 748093 | Mob: (+39) 320 2140120 E-mail: info@aec-srl.com