Power Take Off Hydraulic Pump

A.E.C. Ltd. is a leader company in power take off hydraulic pump production for commercial, agricultural and industrial vehicles. A.E.C. Ltd. was founded in 1961 as a company specialized in designing, producing and installing air conditioners for cars, trucks and tractors and in the ’90 began manufacturing PTOs thanks also to the experience achieved in the market.

Applications like concrete mixers, trucks, tractors and refuse vehicles often require the engine to provide constant speeds or to take power from a power source, such as a running engine, and transmitting it to an application such as an attached implement or separate machines. This is why we use Power Take Offs (PTO) which are designed to supply accurate speed control, protect the equipment and provide the operator with operational flexibility in support of a wide variety of applications. Power take-offs (PTOs) are mechanical devices that are connected to the gear systems of the vehicles. They pick up the driving power and make it available on other mechanical devices, such as hydraulic gear pumps. A.E.C. Ltd. provides wide range of PTOs with different coupling systems, suitable for different type of existing vehicles: mechanical, pneumatic, vacuum-controlled and clutch coupling.

During the years A.E.C. Ltd. has achieved many certifications which represent a significant opportunity for the standardization and continuous improvement of their products, certifying their quality and production processes. All this allows us to develop a quality management system, focused on continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention, cost effectiveness and technologically advanced solutions.

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