Power Take Offs

A.E.C. Ltd. has been providing for over 20 years quality products for the Italian and international market. The company is specialized in designing, engineering and manufacturing of high quality Power Take Offs or PTOs for commercial vehicles.

A Power Take-Off or PTO is a unit which is typically installed on a tractor or commercial vehicle such as trucks and can be used to take power from a power source and transmit it to an attachment or separate system. A power take-off is a system that includes a splined output shaft, created to be connected and disconnected quickly and easily, and an equivalent input shaft on the application end. In this way power take-off allows devices to pull out energy from the engine.These products can be either chassis- or panel-mounted and are available with connectors and tubing, ready to install.

A.E.C. Ltd. offers a complete line of power take-offs and presides not only over Italy and Europe but also Israel, Jordan and South America. In addition to series production, our staff can also design, engineer and manufacture custom applications for different types of vehicles following specific terms provided by customers in order to satisfy and meet their needs.

A.E.C. Ltd.’s main purpose is to provide practical, high quality and certified solutions in order to offer maximum efficiency to their customers. They also dedicate particular attention to technological innovation quality that allows them to reconfirm our position as leaders in the Power Take Offs production industry.

For further information on Power Take Offs design and production please contact us. Tel. (+39) 0543 748093 | Mob: (+39) 320 2140120 E-mail: info@aec-srl.com