PTOs Manufacturer

A.E.C. Ltd. is a PTOs manufacturer and a leader company not only in the Italian market but also in Europe, Israel, Jordan and South America. Our company have been manufacturing Power Take Off devices for over 20 years and is dedicated in providing quality and technologically-advanced products made to satisfy the needs and expectations of all our clients. We are as well committed to the continuous improvement of our products and processes to achieve quality objectives, minimize costs and provide custom solutions to our customers.

Following its commitment of continuous improvement, A.E.C. Ltd  has developed different types of Power Take Offs over the years, which combine features that significantly reduce the noise, improve their performance and durability. Our range of PTOs made with high quality materials is ideal for commercial, agricultural and industrial vehicles.

A Power Take-Off or PTO is a mechanical device which is assembled on the gearbox to obtain power, which is transmitted to the pump and converted into hydraulic energy. We do not produce only series products but also custom PTOs. In order to give to our clients the best products we usually require details of the brand, model, first gear ratio and serial number of the transmission to properly identify the gearbox type and model, and develop the PTO that is the best solution for their expectations.

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