Electromagnetic Clutch

A.E.C. Ltd. was founded in 1961 as a company specialized in designing, producing and installing air conditioners for cars, trucks and tractors. In the beginning of the ’90, due to the experience achieved in the industry, A.E.C. Ltd. began manufacturing PTOs with Electromagnetic Clutch for commercial vehicles, and since then the company has focused on the design and production of power take offs becoming a leader company in Italy and Europe. A.E.C. Ltd. has also different manufacturing facilities located in Israel, Jordan and South America.

Over the years A.E.C. Ltd. has combined experience and technology in order to design and manufacture technically-advanced, cost-effective and custom PTOs with Electromagnetic Clutch. In cooperation with our team of specialized engineers and mechanics we realize not only series productions but also personalized products, created following the directives of our customers.

We are specialized in designing and manufacturing power take-offs and electromagnetic clutches for commercial, agricultural and industrial vehicles. Our technical department studies and provides personalized solutions for problems related to the application of power take-offs and electromagnetic clutches on each type of vehicle. The use of innovative equipments allows us to manufacture a wide range of PTOs with Electromagnetic Clutch and provide quality products and services able to satisfy the needs and expectations of all our customers.

For further information on PTOs with Electromagnetic Clutch design and production please contact us. Tel. (+39) 0543 748093 | Mob: (+39) 320 2140120 E-mail: info@aec-srl.com